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Program type: in-house
Standard length: 1 strategic session + 6 team sessions (1day session) + 6 individual sessions (following each of the group sessions)

(after each team session)

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The Innovation Catalyst - the programme which treats innovation integrally: business + people

Is your organisation losing money? Do you realise the market demands new products and services your company doesn’t yet have or know how to develop? Are your employees disengaged?
A lot of companies reach a plateau at some point, displaiying just such symptoms. These signs point to the need to restructure, reposition and bring fresh energy into the organisation.

Discover Innovation Catalyst, the only programme in Romania which has an in-depth and integrated approach to organisational innovation – both regarding the business, and the people who are part of it.

I invite you to understand what you need to create an innovative environment. Undertaking this program, you will gain a holistic view of the process underlying innovation: starting with the market demands to what is obsolete, what factors you need to align to get an organisation with visible business results.

Why participate in
The Innovation Catalyst programme

#1. You take part in the only programme with an integrated approach to innovation

Most innovation programmes offer some sort of approach to develop your business and to introduce new products and services. This programme critically takes into consideration another essential, often ignored aspect: people. Before reorganising your business, it is necessary to recalibrate the relationships between employees, to focus on the emotions they generate and see how you can make all of them part of innovation.

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#2. You create an innovation environment before you actually innovate

Innovation cannot be created without people, which is why Innovation Catalyst starts by repositioning people and the relationships between them. The innovation process is not only about „ “I am going to launch two new divisons and I am done”, instead, it works from the inside out by placing contibuiting people first.

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#3. You manage to overcome the fear of risk and failure

A process of change will always bring about a series of questions and fears: “ Is it going to work?”, “what if we make the investment and have no ROI?”, “ how do we know new resources are going to pay off, when we don’t know what we need?”. The Innovation Catalyst offers support for a smoother integration of risk, and an assumed and structured approach to change.

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#4. You are working in-depth in order to become more profitable.

Eventually, any organisation demands results. When you want to innovate, you know that standing still and doing nothing is expensive. This programme helps you renew profitability, by bringing all the forces at play together, and working in-depth to clear the blockage to will let you bring results.

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#5. You are working with a very experienced coach in Romania.

I have accompanied over 250 clients (executives, managers, entrepreneurs and their teams,) through complex coaching processes over 10 years, to achieve results and successfully reach their goals. You can rely on my proven combination of business and coaching experience combined with a solid foundation of training, diplomas and recognised certifications that enable me to assist you in achieving lasting transformational change.

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#6. You have a personalised programme, tailored to your needs

The Innovation Catalyst is not an off the shelf offering. It is a customised, programme, which addresses your team’s needs. We work with your current business status, and the real challenges you face. This programme is made to fit you like a glove.

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The themes we approach

  • establishing work principles
  • setting objectives
  • innovation models, approaches and attitudes
  • establishing mission, vision and common values
  • emotional intelligence in the innovation process
  • relational communication in the change and innovation process
  • strategy setting and practical action planning.

Benefits of the programme

  • clarity of your next steps
  • revitalised mission statement and organisational strategy – built from genuine principles and beliefs which everyone supports
  • refreshed organisation and relationships
  • a path for what, where and how to innovate
  • risk taking and passion to get ahead
  • increased profitability


During the programme, we work with tools like:

  • Systemic coaching
  • ESPERE Method
  • Holacracy system concepts
  • Non-violent communication

The working method involves:

  • team coaching – with the leaders and their teams
  • one to one coaching, which addresses individual challenges of the leadership team members

Who is the programme for

CEOs, board members or leadership team members and managers with minimum 3-5 years experience

entrepreneurs who set up businesses and enjoyed overwhelming success in the past, but now face a critical point

the teams in the leadership positions mentioned above

HR department leaders in multinationals and large companies, who sense a need to overcome a blockage or a standstill in their organisation

About the coach - Lilia Dicu

  • holds the highest distinction in coaching – Master Certified Coach (MCC), granted by International Coaching Federation (ICF), an international landmark in coaching
  • has worked with more than 250 clients in 24 countries worldwide, from 10 different sectors (I.T., pharma&medical, banking, finance, FMCG, oil&gas, constructions, automotive, advertising etc.), over 10 years of experience as executive coach; Lilia is a business minded coach with the widest international experience in Romania.
  • has over 10 years experience in business, in top positions in multinational companies (SEWS, Lukoil), which she supported in times of major change.
  • certified for methods and instruments like NLP, ontological and transformational coaching, The Evolution of Conscience, GESTALT, Systemic Family Constellations, ESPERE.


Radu Florescu

CEO Centrade-Cheil
”Lilia lead the reorganization and motivation program for our senior executives team. She demonstrated the ability to lead, a willingness to take on new responsibilities and provide valuable support to the management team whenever required. In an environment such as Romania, where standards can sometimes lapse, Lilia demonstrated a professional demeanor, never allowing her work to chance. I found her to be reliable, focused and demonstrating a willingness to "roll up her sleeves" to get things done. She possesses a strong understanding of coaching needs in Romania and personal perseverance second to none. I strongly recommend Lilia and this program for other organisations that want to receive strong results”

Mona Opran

COO South East Europe Centrade-Cheil
”Lilia is an honest, disciplined and charming coach. She guided me through all my worries related to career move and organizational change with surprisingly simple tools and rules: a) understand the reality you are in, with good and bad, don’t hide, don’t cover, don’t deceive yourself; b) you are not alone, asking advice from your superior is not weakness, it is a must and c) allow your emotions into the process and stay authentic. I never thought I could have such a deep, constructive, personal yet organized talk with anyone; Lilia made me feel comfortable with the process and with myself”

Sergiu Vendlinger

CFO South East Europe Centrade-Cheil
“ I have read a lot about coaching and I was under the impression that it is a more sophisticated type of training, but the experience I had with Lilia reorganised my priorities and made me understand my weaknesses and strengths. The regional CFO position followed naturally afterwards; even if it involves a lot of challenges, after completing the coaching I managed to take this step quite naturally. Lilia succeeded in making me more patient, more careful to details and simple aspects that matter a lot. I wholeheartedly recommend a coaching with Lilia for the simple reason that it enabled me to take an important step in my career”

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