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Program type: In-house
Standard duration: 1 strategic session + 6 team sessions (1day session) + 6 individual sessions (following each of the group sessions)

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Reshaping the Organisation - an experiential learning programme led by Lilia Dicu (MCC), certified coach.

Does the organisation you are running show signs of tiredness, inadequacy, inability to adapt to the market and even staff problems? Is  the pressure to achieve your organisational objectives higher than ever?

Do you realise that what brought you to this point is not enough to take you forward?

I invite you to discover how to make a lasting transformation in your organisation in order to have an up-to-date, open and learning-centred team of leaders. Through experiential learning, you can identify the resources, abilities and structures you need to modify in order to move forward in a very dynamic world.

Organisational change comes from the personal responsibility to change.

Why take part in
Reshaping Organizations?

You learn in a relaxed and easy manner

The programme helps you to easily integrate what you are learning about yourself and your team, because it takes you through real situations in a relaxed way, where you discover your way of working and interacting with others. Unlike conventional programmes where an educator tells you what to change, the focus in this programme is on your own in-depth, personal understanding of the things that stop you from reaching your goals.

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You uncover your professional patterns in informal situations

Informal settings can effectively reveal behavioural patterns which we replicate in our organisational life. The programme Reshaping Organizations supports you to discover valuable information about yourself and others in a completely safe environment, without the fear or discomfort of being judged. This, in turns, enables you to transform more quickly and profoundly.

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You learn to approach pressure and organizational stress differently

We all deal with stress and pressure in our professional lives to some extent.  Working together during  this programme, you learn new and different approaches to  deal with  external factors that have a negative effect on you. The programme is designed in such a way that taking time off from daily pressure, you learn that only you can decide how to respond effectively.

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You work by building up from your personal and organisational values

The change we trigger together does not start from nothing. We build on your existing personal and  organisational values and those around you. The situations, examples, and simulations are drawn from the objectives you set with your team.

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Real-time behavioural change

You get the joy of seeing your transformations at work in real time. You discover a lot of insight about yourself, and you profoundly understand the source and cause of your behaviour. You breakthrough and begin to see transformation happening easily, naturally, in a recognized way.

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You are accompanied by one of the most experienced coaches in Romania.

I have accompanied over 250 clients (executives, managers, entrepreneurs and their teams) through complex coaching processes over 10 years to achieve results and successfully reach their goals. You can rely on a proven combination of experience underpinned by a solid foundation of training, diplomas and recognised certifications that enable me to assist you in achieving lasting  transformational change.

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Topics we approach

  • why what worked in the past isn’t working now
  • what stops you from learning – “the learning enemies”
  • how to adopt a growth mind-set in order to transform the organisation
  • the 5 pillars of existence (rational, emotional,  physical, spiritual, energetic ) and how we are defined  by  them
  • how to do things differently with your team
  • how to reshape the team’s abilities and structure
  • how to be aware, to take responsibility and transform

Benefits of the programme

  • A paradigm shift to one which enables your organisation to move forward
  • Deep insight into how changing ourselves changes the entire organization
  • Awareness that organisational transformation starts with leaders taking personal responsibility for their own transformation
  • The tools and insights needed to respond to the world from a fresh perspective


In the programme, we work with instruments such as:

  • transformational leadership
  • NLP (neuro-linguistic programming)
  • “here and now” learning
  • holacracy-style organisational concepts

The method of this programme includes:

  • team coaching – with leaders and their teams
  • one to one coaching, to address individual challenges of the leadership team

Who the is programme for

CEOs, board members or leadership team members and managers with minimum 3-5 years experience

entrepreneurs who set up businesses and enjoyed overwhelming success in the past, but now face a critical point

Teams in the leadership positions mentioned above

HR department leaders in multinational companies and large companies, who feel the inner need of fundamental organisational transformation.

About the coach - Lilia Dicu

  • holds the highest distinction in coaching – Master Certified Coach (MCC), granted by International Coaching Federation (ICF), the benchmark in coaching
  • has worked with more than 250 clients in 24 countries worldwide, from 10 different sectors (I.T., pharma&medical, banking, finance, FMCG, oil & gas, constructions, automotive, advertising etc.), for more than 10 years as an executive coach; Lilia is a business minded coach with the widest international experience in Romania.
  • has over 10 years experience in business, in top positions in multinational companies (SEWS, Lukoil), which she supported in times of major change.
  • certified in a wide range of methods and tools including NLP, ontological and transformational coaching, The Evolution of Conscience, GESTALT, Systemic Family Constellations, ESPERE and more.


Dan Timotin

Commercial Manager Coca-Cola HBC
“ This type of programme helps the team and the leader identify their current location in their evolution, and facilitates a collective “aha” moment, followed by the desire to learn and develop. The experience of working with Lilia was unexpected, warm and profound. I discovered a side, unknown before, both mine and the others’, through experiential learning and positive energy.”

Ionuț Crăciun

National HoReCa Manager Coca-Cola HBC
“This coaching programme is a great way of getting to know yourself and better understand your team colleagues. Once you get to know them better, it is easier to approach things, to interact efficiently and be more supportive of them. I learned how to better manage my emotions, how to notice things around me and how to channel the necessary energy. Furthermore, I understood the importance of trusting your team, which feeds you tremendous energy. I recommend this programme to all team members, especially if it is a newly formed team whose members don’t know each other very well, or any team in search of colossal energy.”

Sorin Miron

CEO Somaco Grup Prefabricate
” During the coaching process, Lilia masterfully succeeded to build trust by clarifying the objectives and learning stages, by displaying coherence and particularly by providing me with clarity and the possibility to become more aware. She supported me and nudged me into finding my own alternatives to different challenges. At organisational level, I have applied a lot of the things I discovered with Lilia, with tremendous results.”

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