As a coach, I work with leaders who have high stakes and face challenges in reaching their goals.

Whether it is for personal and professional development, reaching their highest potential or overcoming the obstacles holding them back, I am proud to stand beside courageous people, who dare to look a challenge in the eye and take it on. In a nutshell, I am an executive coach.

In my profession, success is not mine to keep, success belongs to my clients.

I enjoy seeing how people change destinies – their own, as well as their organisation’s– when they understand and succeed in turning their reality around. In my profession, success is not mine to keep, success belongs to my clients. The feeling I experience when I see their lives become more fulfilled and happier, is why I love my job.

For 10 years I contributed to companies transformation and strengthening in top HR

I became an executive coach after two important formative experiences in my professional development. The first, a didactic experience; I started my career as a teacher, which gave me discipline and structure. The second, I worked for more than 10 years in the corporate environment, in massively changing multinational companies. I contributed to companies transformation and strengthening in top HR management positions.

I have always wanted to serve a higher purpose with my profession

Later, I wanted to find the path that made me feel truly accomplished. I have always wanted to serve a higher purpose with my profession, and to do everything in my ability to add value to the lives of those around me. That is how I started training as a coach and succeeded in setting up my own business in 2009. Since then, I have accompanied more than 250 clients in over 25 countries around the world.. Currently, I am working with executives, leaders and their teams, as well as mentoring those training to become coaches. I am honoured to hold the highest distinction in coachingMaster Certified Coach, a title granted by the International Coach Federation (ICF).

A lot of work and continuous training lies behind professional coaching, as well as passion, and robust measurable benefits. I am happy for everyone that discovers this profession, both as clients or future coaches.


coaching hours


years of experience as a coach with executives and their teams


different sectors of expertise: IT, pharma& medical, banking, finance, FCMG, oil& gas, construction, automotive, advertising, consultancy


companies where I work as an associate coach: The Ken Blanchard Companies, Acuity Coaching, Human Invest

Areas of expertise in coaching:
  • managing change
  • crisis management
  • leadership and team building
  • organisational diagnosis
  • strategic planning
  • process streamlining
  • ability and competence development
  • complex challenge management
  • business development
  • continuous growth
What others say about me

Anthony J O’Leary

fost Director de Resurse Umane, Sumitomo Electric Industries

Lilia Dicu has delivered major change programmes in challenging international business environments. Her outstanding leadership, team development and project management skills have enabled her to make a real difference in overcoming complex difficulties. Lilia is a naturally innovative and resourceful thinker who displays an understanding of emotional intelligence and combines this with extraordinary determination and drive to succeed in her work. She will add value to any organization that she decides to work with.

Daciana Nelson

General Manager, Sumitomo Electric Wiring Systems

Lilia has helped me see the big picture and breakthrough into the new role, paying attention to many details: people, processes, future, evolution, personal vision, altruism and uniqueness in delivering in my own way, according to my values, which would fit into organizational to the organizational expectations. She helped me undertake responsibility for everything that is happening around myself, understanding I am a co-creator of everything I’m living. She gave me space to see from different perspectives and helped me find my own answers to challenges I was going through.

Geanina Babiceanu

Market Director Mars Romania

During our journey I have learned that there was a significant part of my potential that I did not use in the past and which I know now how to access; that the answers of my problems were already with me and that I can manage and leverage the relationships with the others for maximizing my potential and my results. By working with Lilia, I learned to become more self aware, authentic and more confident in the same time.

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