ICF Core Competences

If you are already familiar with the field of coaching, you are no doubt aware of the huge amount of work necessary to support this profession. Perhaps you graduated from a coaching school and you don’t know where you are heading? Do you experience difficulties in complying with the regulated standards of the field? Maybe you still don’t feel confident in your abilities and strengths as a professional?

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The online coaching training programme, where you are guided by an MCC, with a 100% success rate in obtaining the certification you want

I have created a practical and flexible programme to help you develop your coaching abilities, which is ICF certified (International Coaching Federation). I invite you to ICF Core Competences Coaching, the only online coaching training programme, where Lilia Dicu, Master Certified Coach, will guide you through this development process with a personalized, learning-activating method.

Is ICF Core Competences Coaching right for you?

This programme is right for you if:

you have already graduated from a coaching school and are familiar with this domain

you have already acquired the basics of coaching, through training or other ICF certified programmes and are willing to develop your coaching abilities further

you need to be certified or recertified for any of the coaching levels, according to the International Coach Federation (Associate Certified Coach – ACC, Professional Certified Coach – PCC and Master Certified Coach – MCC)

you want to make sure you understand, handle and really observe the application of the ICF competences, and not only the theoretical framework.

Why say “YES” to
Mentor Coaching

You learn in a comfortable environment, at home, having a nice cup of coffee

I realize your time is limited. If, alongside the coaching preparation, you also have another job and busy personal schedule, it can be difficult to handle everything.  You can manage this programme,  as the sessions are held online and you can complete it from the comfort of your own home in your own time.

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You are training according to international standards right here, in Romania

This programme is certified by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). This enables your access to knowledge and international training tools.

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You can train for the highest level in coaching, the Master Certified Coach

If you are preparing for the highest level in coaching, this training and mentoring programme can be of great help. You will have the opportunity to reach the highest level of mastery together with one of the few MCCs in Romania.

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You find answers to the most pressing questions and dilemmas related to the field

If you are just starting off in coaching, it’s very natural that you have a lot of questions and uncertainties. Together we will answer all of them in the training programme. We focus on coaching competences, as well as how to get clients, how to really handle a coaching process and how to trust yourself as a professional.

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You receive a personal, customised learning and development plan

I work with each person, one at a time, so that you have an individual development plan. You discover what needs to be improved and leave the sessions with a clear development plan.

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You learn with a method which fosters growth and does not discourage it

Most programmes can instil a feeling of anxiety, or can discourage us with the realisation of what we are lacking. My programme is different – it stimulates and engages your curiosity and helps you to learn by enjoying the realisation of your own progress.

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You are training together with a Master Certified Coach with more than 10 years of experience

In more than 10 years of experience, I have guided more than 250 clients (executives, managers, entrepreneurs and their teams) through complex coaching processes. Moreover, the ones I have coached so far had a 100% success rate in obtaining the certification they wanted, as well as applying the coaching abilities in their personal and professional life.

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How the programme takes place

There are two ways of training you can choose from:

A. Group training

  • how it is organised: virtual groups of up to 9 people
  • duration: 3 months with 12 sessions, 90 minutes each
  • way of working: coach-client pairs

B. Individual training

  • how it is organised: online individual sessions
  • duration: 3 months
  • way of working: explaining and analysing the competences happens in pre-recorded sessions (with the client’s agreement) by the participant

Benefits of the programme

  • 18 hours of continuous development (CCE Units) or 10 hours of mentoring and 8 hours of continuous development (CCE Units) for ICF certification and re-certification
  • coaching sessions that can be accounted in the 125 hours of Coaching-Log
  • feedback and feed forward by an ICF certified mentor coach
  • open access to a coaching community, which represents partnership and support in the growth process
  • the easiness and confidence to manage a coaching process
  • natural and assumed usage of the ICF competences

The methodology

The methodology I use is Mentor Coaching, in accordance with the International Coaching Federation standards.

We will also use tools and approaches from concepts and schools like:

Systemic coaching

Ontological Coaching

Transformational coaching


Catalina Neacsu

„In just six months of mentoring with Lilia, my coaching skills and practice shifted from struggling to understand to full comprehension. I’ve increased my knowledge and effectiveness in working more productive and in a higher standard with clients who stay longer and commit. She showed me how to better use ICF competencies and shared openly her experience and knowledge, through guidance and empathy. Now I am more confident and present in my coaching sessions and have results every time! Lilia manages perfectly to pass on knowledge, experience and to open doors to out-of-reach opportunities.”

Cristina Velio

Authenticity, confidence, courage, cheerfulness, transformation, professionalism, hope and plenty of calm. This sums up the mentoring programme which left a definite mark on my development. Lilia explains and speaks from experience, in a straightforward manner, squarely. And she is very involved. Very. Mentoring brought me lots of awareness, questions, thoughts, and particularly the confidence to walk into the unknown, knowing we are on the right track. The way Lilia guided us with her professionalism and determination gave me the courage to aim higher.”

S. N.

“ I fell in love with Lilia from the first session, from the first half of the session. With her help, I saw all the light, beauty, complexity and richness of coaching as well as the transformational value the coach can bring in the relation with the client. Thank you for being there and for offering us, all the participants, your programme.”

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