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Building Efficient Organisations - the programme that brings you a coach-facilitator with more than 10 years experience in increasing company profitability

Is your organisation experiencing a bottleneck? Does your business need repositioning or an urgent turn around? Is there no time for personal development or soft skills training when your team is facing crisis? Do you need a solution to step in right here, right now for your organisation?

Building Efficient Organisations will directly work with your organisational reality to increase profitability. Using the objective, independent and lucid intervention of the coaching specialist, your will identify what needs to be changed in real time, to streamline the internal processes and everything that triggers them.

I invite you to discover the only program that contributes to your company development through direct observation and intervention into your regular business activity.

Why take part in
Building Efficient Organisations?

Real time tracking of the changes generated

The program Building Efficient Organisations brings in a unique method in the workflow of your organisation. The coaching specialist works directly with what you and your team are experiencing in real time. This involves the specialist participating in the team’s operational meetings and guidance for the business issues under discussion.

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Direct work with the business, even in the operational meetings

This programme looks at things as they currently are, for you and your team. It is not theoretical or hypothecial. You are self-analysing during the meetings and in your workspace; you give and receive feedback and make decisions with support as they happen. This is what makes it easier to see the immediate impact of change on your business results.

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The benefit of using a unique method that works for you, while you continue to focus on your organisational objectives

You will not only build more efficient processes, you will also strengthen your team, improve delegation capacity, renew your team’s energy and improve their interaction. All of these benefits while you are concurrently focusing on the established organisational objectives.

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Discovering new solutions to the challenges you are facing

It is common, when facing a challenge, that we are no longer able to see what we are missing. having a coach acting as an objective observer and facilitator helps you discover alternative solutions you might not otherwise see.

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In-depth process and business streamlining

A lot of streamlining approaches focus on issues such as time management or business consulting solutions. Rarely though does one approach suit all scenarios. Lasting change happens when you analyse things in time, step by step, testing and calibrating, not merely discussing options in theory. This programme offers a bespoke approach, working to find the right answers for your unique organisational needs.

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You are preparing together with one of the most experienced coaches in Romania

I have accompanied over 250 clients (executives, managers, entrepreneurs and their teams,) through complex coaching processes over 10 years, to achieve results and successfully reach their goals. You can rely on my proven combination of business and coaching experience combined with a solid foundation of training, diplomas and recognised certifications that enable me to assist you in achieving lasting transformational change.

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The topics we approach

  • organisational and business development
  • modern leadership – more entrepreneurial, assumed, reality and context-based
  • team interaction


  • streamlining and “cleaning” your business processes while focusing on your organisational objectives
  • analysing important behavioural factors such as cohesion, trus,t and risk taking in your company at present
  • identifying bottlenecks and patterns that hold you and your team back
  • taking responsibility for transforming the organisation and its internal processes
  • creating practical development plans at individual and organisational level
  • the chance to discover alternative solutions to the challenges and blockage you are facing
  • professionalising the entire organisation
  • improving business results


In the program we work with various instruments including:

  • Systemic coaching
  • Non-violent communication
  • Holacracy system concepts
  • “Evolution of consciousness” method

The methology involves team coaching, with all the leadership team members, even during operational meetings.

Who Building Efficient Organisations is for

leadership teams in a deadlock or who have been left without a manager or CEO

CEOs and top managers who have run out of idea for how to develop themselves and their teams

HR managers wanting to address bottlenecks and challenges that are costing the company time and money

About the coach that accompanies you - Lilia Dicu, Master Certified Coach (MCC)

  • Holds the highest distinction in coaching – Master Certified Coach (MCC), granted by International Coaching Federation (ICF), an international benchdmark in coaching industry
  • Has worked with more than 250 clients in 24 countries worldwide, from 10 differen sectors (I.T., pharma&medical, banking, finance, FMCG, oil&gas, constructions, automotive, advertising etc.), for over 10 years as an executive coach; Lilia is a busineness minded coach with the widest international experience in Romania.
  • Has over 10 years experience in business in top positions in multinational companies (SEWS, Lukoil)
  • Certified in the key methods and tools including NLP, systemic, ontological and transformational coaching, The Evolution of Conscience, GESTALT, Systemic Family Constellations, ESPERE and many more.


Regi Guillaume

General Manager Royal Canin România
„With the help of Lilia’s mastery I embarked upon an introspection journey, which led to achieving my maximum potential and to the ability to adapt my leadership style to the team I am running. From the first session to the last, Lilia proved her outstanding professional abilities. She focused on my evolution, she was involved and dedicated so that I am able to achieve the results I wanted. I trust and highly recommend Lilia’s expertise in coaching”

Delia Murafa

Director de Resurse Umane, The Royal Bank of Scotland
„Working with Lilia offered me the chance to see the wonderful effects of coaching. Lilia was constantly optimistic, supportive, empathetic, a good listener, always in tune with my needs and ready to offer extremely specific feedback. The most valuable aspect for me was that she led me to discover my own strengths; at the end of the process, I have gained a variety of instruments which are useful even today in my relations with the others, colleagues, clients or partners.”

Cosmin Bunea

Director Producție Somaco Grup Prefabricate
„I managed to change work systems I would never have thought possible to change inside the organisation. I managed to engage with much more experienced managers who supported my ideas. At organisational level, there was positive change to be noticed in the way of work, where I feel I have contributed an equal share. My coach, Lilia, was for me a safety net or security I had the chance to have, at a time when I was climbing the first steps of what seemed to be a very steep climb. She offered support and confidence I can reach the top, by teaching me to go step by step, to anticipate the next step, not to be surprised if I slip or fall, to have the confidence to look up and beyond, not to be afraid of heights.”

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