Executive coaching

With the executive coaching process, accompanied by the coach-trainer of the greatest minds in business, in over 25 countries – Lilia Dicu.

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Discover what executive-coaching can do for you together with the Romanian coach who:

  • holds the highest title in the field – Master Certified Coach
  • is certified by the International Federation Coaching (ICF), the benchmark organization in the field
  • has worked with companies like Groupama, Coca-Cola, Danone, ING, Saatchi & Saatchi, Nestlé, TMF, Rompetrol etc.
  • has more than 20 years of experience in coaching, HR and academia.

What is
executive coaching about

It is difficult to sum up everything that a well-led and applied coaching process manages to do. A famous quote says Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you are right (Henry Ford).

These words are so simple, yet so real. It is exactly what executive coaching works on: to help you realize you can, that you already have the necessary resources and it is up to you to access them. It sounds simple, doesn’t it? Why then do we go past such wisdom and never stop think about how to use it to our own advantage?

The people who stop analyzing, start owning their life and take action will commence a coaching process, now,

This is how executive coaching works, in brief:

It relies on your own experience and resources

In coaching you work with your resources – visible and invisible, with everything you are as an individual. In real time, you learn to notice the lessons taught by previous experiences, the mistakes you continuously make, and the patterns for your success.

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It works for your future

The founding method of coaching is heavily future-oriented. We often live for tomorrow, without realising that today creates our future. Coaching helps you design your future starting now. You will actively take part in building your success and the life you want to live.

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It is only about you and it gives you a personalised approach in a safe space

Coaching is similar to going to a skilled tailor. You get a suit that fits you perfectly, which you can use anytime, no matter how demanding you are. Coaching is only about you, in a lively, supportive and safe space.

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It helps you become the creator of your own reality

Do you ever feel like you are not in control of your own life? Do you feel like things are passing by, that you are missing important events around you? Coaching makes you the leader of your life, because it restores the power to build your own reality.

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It helps to know yourself better and identify your SWOT

In coaching, it is not about blaming the environment or those around you. We do not work with generalisations, but with your strengths and weaknesses, with your development opportunities, your personal threats, so that you get to know yourself better and act accordingly.

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Challenges indicating the necessity of executive coaching

Executive coaching can work perfectly for you if you find yourself in one (or more) of the situations below:

  • You want to advance in your career
  • You feel you’ve reached a standstill and do not know what the next step is
  • you are facing a challenge and don’t know “which way to go” or how to manage the situation
  • you have just changed countries, and you find yourself in an entirely new culture, exposed to a different environment, mind-sets and team
  • you have lost faith in your organisation or it has lost faith in you
  • you would like a promotion, but some way or another you are always “”skipped” in this process
  • you want to expand your self-knowledge or you want to make a stronger stand as a leader
  • you have reached a plateau and would like to develop to your true potential

The list does not end here. Often you can start the coaching process with a certain objective and later realise it is not that important to you, it doesn’t really represent what satisfies you. Therefore, objectives can change along the way.

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How a coaching process takes place – in 3 steps

If you are not familiar with coaching or it’s the first time you’ve come in contact with it, this is what it’s all about in 3 simple steps.

  • Step #1. We identify the need

    You discover a need or a strong wish that has not been fulfilled until now. You realise you need support – a “coach” to help you reach your goal.

  • Step#2. We explore

    We have an initial strategic, contracting session. This is when we settle all the details regarding the coaching process: the length, the objectives, how you evaluate the results etc. We will answer all questions; clarify all issues about the next steps.

  • Step #3. We start working

    Session by session (the minimum recommendation in order to see the difference is 12 sessions), we work on several areas and challenges which intuitively come up in the discussions, but eventually, everything falls into place, and the path is clear.


  • the joy given by the awareness of the before unnoticed and unknown things
  • the balance and understanding of who you are and where you are at the moment
  • the feeling of growth, because you are developing, evolving, applying and noticing the results in real time
  • you notice the progress you make is reflected in your professional and personal life/ lives
  • you succeed in achieving your objective,– in a natural way, through personal effort

The instruments I work with
in executive coaching

  • systemic coaching
  • ontological coaching
  • transformational coaching
  • the “evolution of consciousness” method
  • ESPERE method
  • NLP (neuro-linguistic programming)
  • transactional analysis

Who is executive coaching for

executives, top managers and organisational leaders with high professional stakes or challenges standing in the way of growth

business owners and entrepreneurs who consider they are “doing all the work” and don’t know how to escape this paradigm


Michaela Hoffman

Marketing Manager Coca-Cola HBC România
“What I particularly liked about the coaching with Lilia was the fact that it was a multi-stop journey, full of discoveries and preparations for the next stops. It was not a frigid coaching programme, the question-answer type, instead it was based on an open relation, on honesty and trust, which immensely helped me with the key-objective I started the process. Every meeting with Lilia is a joy and a step in my personal development, precious moments when I can clarify the whys and realise how to proceed further.”

Ovidiu Tunaru

Country Business Manager Nestlé Professional Romania
„ Reaching a certain point in my career, I realised I needed someone as a discussion partner as a follow up of my development process. Lilia is very experienced both in management and coaching and she succeeded, from the first meeting, to understand my position and what interventions can help me discover my blind spots, and also to gladly work on what needed to be improved. The coaching process together with her helped me become more balanced, to be patient and present in the moments I chose. I confidently recommend Lilia, considering her professionalism and coaching abilities which contributed to my personal and professional development”.

Elena Pintilii

BSM Supporting Enterprise SEE Danone
„While we worked together, Lilia was actively involved, session by session, in helping me better shape the ideas and strategies I was going to put to practice with my team. Together with Lilia, I managed to surface things that were worrying me, but that I couldn’t see clearly. The impact of this <> was a positive one for my team. Lilia helped me broaden my perspective, which enabled my development, as well as my leadership level and the relation with my team.”

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