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You coach the way you are

12 December 2017

Yes, I have this saying I like very much: “You coach the way you are”. This is e...
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Why you are always overseen at promotions

In my coaching experience, I have seen many people struggling with this issue – ...
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What stays in the way of organisational change?

Why is it that the instant we hear “change,” things seem suddenly very complicat...
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The benefits of coaching for versatile entrepreneurs

The entrepreneurs I have worked with are all-singing, all-dancing people trained...
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Lessons from my 5 most important crossroad moments

Yes, we’re not perfect (and shouldn’t strive to be, anyway). We all have our cha...
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It’s 7 o’clock. Are you ready to leave the office?

One day, time management expert stood in front of a group of students and gave t...
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How Does Emotional Intelligence Help in Business?

“Business is business. No room for emotions here. One must show no weakness.” It...
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Bridge the gap between who you are and how you lead

Sometimes we feel there is a gap – we cannot quite grasp – between who we are as...
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What I learned from working with executives every day for more than 10 years

As an executive coach, I spend my every work day talking and listening to compan...
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