Stories that inspire

What do we not say when we speak?

23 November 2020

The fear of not being good enough can become similar to claustrophobia in our in...
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Discover your “inner dragons” to discover the purpose of your life

27 January 2021

Purpose, several ways to discover it There are multiple  ways one can discover t...
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What is the purpose of your life?

12 January 2021

There are thousands of ways you can belong to your own life, primarily depending...
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Resolutions 2021: small goals, big achievements

30 December 2020

In January 2020, almost overnight the Amazon forest caught fire (burned by one o...
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Dear Professor, Thank You!

8 December 2020

Dear Professor and Class Master Ivan Alexandrovici,  My dearest and most he...
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The Power of Gratitude

or how much a simple gesture of gratitude can change your life or business No ma...
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The positive side of the pandemic

12 November 2020

If we pay attention to the big picture, we will notice some significant changes ...
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Being entrepreneur during pandemic times

4 November 2020

Why it is the right time to access a new mindset? This huge, complex, global phe...
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You coach the way you are

12 December 2017

Yes, I have this saying I like very much: “You coach the way you are”. This is e...
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