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Do you ever ask yourself “why is this happening to me?” or “is this everything life is about? Is this how things are always going to be?” If you ask yourself these questions a lot, group coaching could be the solution for you .

Working together with a small group of people to address their professional and/or personal challenges, group coaching helps you speed up the transformation process, thanks to the multiple perspectives offered by working in a diverse group.

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Is group coaching for you? Group coaching is helpful in addressing various challenges, such as:

  • repositioning a relationship
  • obtaining  a sense of achievement
  • getting a new job
  • finding inner balance and accepting who you are and what you want
  • raising awareness and setting new priorities or managing conflicting priorities (e.g. wanting a healthier lifestyle but not managing to go to the gym or eat healthy.)
  • taking responsibility for leadership of your own life

These are just a few examples. In group coaching you can bring both a range of personal and professional challenges; after all, the issues we face at work or at home are tightly connected to how we are wired and how we face the reality around us.

In group coaching, no matter what challenge we address, the strength comes from the group. It is what supports you and gives you the energy you need to make a change.

group coaching

You get full support from the group

In one-to-one coaching, the strong interaction between coach and client helps the coachee to change in the way he wants. Picture the same effect, multiplied by the number of participants. In group coaching, the multiple perspectives help you move forward with enhanced force. It supports you in tackling the issues you would otherwise have avoided for longer.

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You have 3600 view of your challenge

The power of the group is also in the multitude of perspectives and alternative possible approaches to your challenge, some of which you will have never thought about. Moreover, meeting certain people in your group is never random. It brings you revealing information about yourself, even if, apparently, the other members are facing different challenges from yours.

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You are able to quickly scan your current challenges

This experience also accelerates your awareness of where you are right now, your real barriers to progress and your true priorities for the future. As the process usually lasts 3 to 6 sessions, it offers a fast track opportunity to experience the benefits of coaching.

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You enjoy the experience of coaching more cost effectively

Group coaching offers the perfect opportunity to experience the benefits of coaching in ts most cost-effective format.

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You learn the personal discipline of mental and emotional hygiene

We are used to taking care of our body, but we are rarely as diligent with our emotional, psychological and spiritual care. With group coaching, you enter a space where this becomes your priority. No excuses, no pretexts, no delays. Side by side with the others, you acquire a solid and healthy self-discipline of whole-self care.

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You are participating with one of the most experienced coaches in Romania.

I have accompanied over 250 clients (executives, managers, entrepreneurs and their teams) through complex coaching processes over 10 years to achieve results and successfully reach their goals. You can rely on a proven combination of experience underpinned by a solid foundation of training, diplomas and recognised certifications that enable me to assist you in achieving lasting transformational change..

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Why group coaching with me

It is essential to me that my work makes a difference and really adds value. This is why I invite you to join me for group coaching:

I offer a complex and varied portfolio of instruments

I am certified for using several instruments and techniques connected to coaching, like NLP, transactional analysis, family constellations or ESPERE. They all allow me to offer deeper awareness to the clients I work with.

I have more than 10 years experience with people and organisations

Over 250 satisfied clients are proof of my extensive experience working with people and organisations. I have also worked in organisations during periods of extensive change, so I have direct experience of the challenges my clients are facing.

I have my own work method, based on an integrative approach model

Experience has led me to develop my own unique work method, based on a holistic and integrative approach. I support my clients to be resourceful all across the 5 levels: rational, emotional, physical, spiritual and energetic.

Benefits of the programme:

  • clarity and awareness of the challenges you are facing
  • satisfaction that stems from understanding what is happening to you, from turning a mystery into something known; it might not be easy to handle what you discover but at least you will know what you are dealing with
  • a structured plan for approaching your oncoming challenges
  • a result which is different from the one you would arrive at on your own
  • confidence in yourself and your ability to change the surrounding reality
  • joy in the pleasure of being the leader of your own life – even when you think you aren’t controlling anything around you

Who this programme is for

managers and experienced specialists, who know their professional worth, but have plateaued, or may even be in crisis about where to go from here.

groups of managers or professionals in multinationals, who belong to different teams but all face more or less common challenges

anyone who would like to work on their personal development

The testimonials of people I have worked with in group coaching

Liliana Negrescu

Senior Brand Manager Milupa, Danone Baby Nutrition România
“The coaching process unlocked access to information, instruments and, most importantly, provided me the necessary support to make positive change in my personal and professional life, without compromising my values or beliefs. I now have a better understanding of myself and the way to interact more efficiently with other people, without resorting to any king of conflicting attitudes. I am more self-confident and independent in my decisions. Would I start all over? Surely. The coaching experience with Lilia was one of the best self-development exercises I have ever done.”

Andrei Uleia

Leading Architect DaSein
There comes a time in your life when, no matter how well you are doing things, you feel there is no going higher than this. That is when I searched for alternative modus operandi, and the alternative was this programme. Upon its completion, I feel I have graduated a survival course – a cross between Delta Force and Foreign Legion. This programme is definitely for those who want and have the courage to discover, even unconsciously at first. In my case, coaching helped me reconsider my entire life as I knew it, and really get down to work in order to balance it according to who I am. To get fit, you run at the gym. To break bricks with bare hands, you do martial arts. To be your own true self, start by attending the group coaching programme.”

Liviu Mistodinis

Director General Coilprofil
Following this programme, I feel stronger, wiser, richer and more tolerant. I started to enjoy life and managed to understand I am not responsible for everyone. The group which participated in this programme was like a single body, all its members were part of the solution. I gained friends and a lot of experiences. I think the initial objective of every member is unimportant, but what everyone takes with them at the end of the programme is essential; this programme is like the fisherman who doesn’t feed the boy fish because he is hungry, but teaches him how to fish so that he can feed himself.”

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