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About me in a few paragraphs

I am Lilia Dicu, Master Certified Coach, business minded! coach and executive coach with international experience. I can accompany you through coaching processes with real results, no matter the challenge.


years of experience in coaching and HR


more than 250 satisfied clients


experience in over 25 countries


10 industries of expertise

What I can do for you

My area of expertise is executive coaching.  Whether you need an individual or a group solution, online or face-to-face, my services are designed to meet your challenge. I invite you to discover them!

Individual executive coaching

The executive coaching processes address complex challenges or bottlenecks in your professional or organisational life.

Group coaching

Group coaching helps you to speed up the transformation process, thanks to the various perspectives it offers you in a short time.

Mentor coaching

If you want to become a coach yourself, to be certified, recertified or simply develop your abilities in the area, I can support you as a mentor. Whether you go for a group programme or an individual one, I invite you to discover what works best for you.

How I can add value

I understand complex business challenges due to my professional experience

I know how important your stakes and challenges are. Not only in theory, but because I also faced them myself. My work experience in organisations which underwent complex change processes allows me to understand what you are going through and to bring real perspective.

You are in good hands with an ICF certified coach

A lot of people wonder what it means to be a good coach and how to avoid the charlatans. I have the highest distinction in the field, Master Certified Coach, a certification offered by the benchmark organisation in the field (International Coach Federation). The training and diplomas I have are your guarantee that I know what I am talking about.

You get real results following the coaching process

My clients always achieve their goals. We set clear objectives at the start, and as long as you are dedicated and willing to invest your energy in it, we will get results.

You take advantage of the most advanced coaching instruments

Training and continuous learning are essential to good coaching. The higher the mastery, the more complex the instruments used in the process. I am certified and experienced in using a range of methods which will help us to maximise the results for you and your organisation.

You select the most convenient and efficient method for you

I work online and on the phone, as well as face to face. You have the option to work remotely, in a relaxing place of your chosing, or as a typical meeting in the workplace.

The stories that inspire us It is essential that we pay forward at least a part of what we know. I invite you to read more on my blog about leadership, personal development, change, motivation, and many other topics which I hope you will find useful.

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In coaching, my success is my clients’ success. Here's just a few of them.
What others say about me

Camelia Niță

Managing Director la TMF România

The first word which is coming into my mind when speaking about Lilia is “Inspiration”. This is how I see Lilia: an extraordinary person, which inspires and wakes up the power to solve your own issues. Things seem easy when you work with Lilia! Coaching experience made me to unveil solutions which I had inside, waiting to be discovered by a friend. The truth is, I was looking for profound resolutions, which had to bring real added value to the business I ran, and I had discovered new shapes of the challenges I was facing. Thus, every conclusion made during coaching sessions had an expected effect. Implemented solutions in the organization brought real benefits. Yet, the most spectacular fact is that I managed to know myself much better, not only professionally, and this helped me to decode the messages behind the words. I saw much clearer what is obvious: the way you communicate may fundamentally change relationships, and success depends on it. I recommend Lilia as a coach with entire admiration I have. She is the person who “made a difference” for me!

Radu Florescu

CEO Centrade-Cheil

”Lilia lead the reorganization and motivation program for our senior executives team. She demonstrated the ability to lead, a willingness to take on new responsibilities and provide valuable support to the management team whenever required. In an environment such as Romania, where standards can sometimes lapse, Lilia demonstrated a professional demeanor, never allowing her work to chance. I found her to be reliable, focused and demonstrating a willingness to “roll up her sleeves” to get things done. She possesses a strong understanding of coaching needs in Romania and personal perseverance second to none. I strongly recommend Lilia and this program for other organisations that want to receive strong results”

Geanina Babiceanu

Director de Marketing Balcan East, Wrigley

During our journey I have learned that there was a significant part of my potential that I did not use in the past and which I know now how to access; that the answers of my problems were already with me and that I can manage and leverage the relationships with the others for maximizing my potential and my results. By working with Lilia, I learned to become more self aware, authentic and more confident in the same time.

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