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It is my pleasure to share with you the feelings and the results that I have experienced in the last year while working with Lilia Dicu.

The first word that comes to my mind is "Inspiration". This is how I would describe Lilia: an extraordinary person who inspires you and activates in you the
ability to solve your own problems. Lilia makes things look easy!

The experience with Lilia helped me to discover the solutions which I had with me all the time, but which needed to be unveiled by a friend.

I admit that I had searched thoroughly for such a way of solving problems that would bring real benefits to the business that I manage, as well as Iadmit
that I have discovered new implications for the problems that I was facing. As such, all conclusions that we drew during the individual coaching sessions had
the desired effect. The solutions implemented within the company had a positive effect on its development.

But the truly remarkable fact is that the coaching sessions allowed me to know myself better, not only on a professional level,and this helped me decipher
the true meaning behind words.

I understood more clearly some obvious facts: the way in which one communicates can fundamentally change the relationship with other people and that success
depends on these communication skills.

I recommend Lilia as a personal coach with all my admiration, as, in my case, she made the difference!

Camelia Nita, Managing Director TMF Romania,